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Although trees are a beautiful addition to a property, they can also become a liability. Trees with dead wood, cracks, weak tree branch unions, decay, cankers, root problems or structural deficiencies are prone to falling or blowing down in our windy Nova Scotia weather causing unnecessary damage to your (or your neighbor’s) property.

Complete Removal:

BOTH the wood (trunk) and brush (branches and leaves) are removed from your property.

Partial Removal:

ONLY the brush is removed from your property.

If you like, the wood can be cut into firewood lengths and left on your property.

Cut & Drop Removal:

We get the tree on the ground and you take care of the rest.

Neither the brush nor the wood is removed from your property.

If you like, the wood can be cut into firewood lengths and left on your property.

Standard Thinning:

A pruning technique used to remove any branches that are encroaching on your home, power line, garage, or anything else on your property. This techniques targets specific problem areas throughout the crown.

Crown Thinning:

A pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees. Crown thinning is the process of selectively removing branches to increase air movement and allow light penetration throughout the crown.

Crown Raising:

A pruning technique in which the lower branches of a tree’s crown are removed to allow clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings or lines of site. When pruning is complete, the existing crown should be at least two-thirds of the total tree height.

Crown Reduction:

A pruning technique, which is most often used when a tree outgrown too its specific area. This technique is preferred to topping because it results in a more natural appearance. It also increases the time before pruning is needed again. Crown

reduction should only be used as a last resort as it can result in large pruning wounds that may lead to decay.

Stump grinding is a process in which the stump is ground down, below the surface of the ground using a stump grinder. The advantage of stump grinding over stump removal, is that it is much less invasive. Only the stump itself will be removed, while the roots will remain under ground, over time the roots will die, and decompose into your soil. There will be a small hole from where the stump was located, this hole can be filled with top soil and seeded with grass to make it part of your lawn.

Ground to Crown provides 24-hour emergency service. Our crews are equipped to assist you in any tree emergency, day or night.

We understand the urgency of making sure your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

Ground to Crown is happy to offer wood/brush chipping services to homeowners and contractors who cut down or prune their own trees.  We will process the material through our industrial wood chipper which is able to chip solid logs up to 12 inches in diameter.

The mulch created can be left for you to use, or it can be removed from the site. Unfortunately, we are not able to chip roots of trees nor root balls of removed plants, the soil on the roots damages the chipper knives.  We are also unable to chip vine material such as climbing vines, as well as certain types of ground cover.

Trees and shrubs are often planted, without considering some very important factors such as species, location, time of year and shade tolerance. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss your planting options to ensure the proper tree is planted in the desired location.

We will also provide you with aftercare instructions to ensure a healthy tree for the future.

Cabling and bracing can be a very effective alternative to full tree removals. These systems do not eliminate all the safety risks associated with a highly defective trees, but when done correctly by a trained arborist, it can add years to the life of a desirable tree.

At Ground to Crown we can determine if your tree is a candidate for a cabling or bracing system as well as determine which system is best suited to your tree.

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